Everyone’s talking about this radical new PS5 concept (but we're not totally sold)

It's fair to say we haven't been overly impressed with the design aspect of the next generation of gaming. From the underwhelming PS5 and Xbox Series X logos to the bloated PS5 DualSense controller, the new era's aesthetics have so far left us a little cold. But while we don't yet know what the PS5 itself will look like, concept artists have provided a fascinating glimpse at what could be – and this latest offering is certainly one of the most interesting.

VR4Player has created a slick new concept video (below), featuring a radical new design for the console. The most obvious departure is the curved, fan-like shape, a far cry from the rectangular slabs of previous Playstation generations. Also new is a removable cover which revealing the cooling fan, as well as the Playstation controller's iconic shape symbols etched into the machine itself. It's an impressively detailed render (check out our best free 3D models if you fancy creating your own).

While the design is certainly striking, we're not totally sold on the shape. After seeing several Reddit users compare it to a George Foreman grill, we can't help but agree that it does look somewhat designed to press paninis. Or, to continue the culinary theme, perhaps it resembles PS2 that has expanded in the oven (don't try that at home, by the way – you won't end up with a PS5).

ps5 concept

(Image credit: VRPlayer)

Maybe we're already a little prejudiced – the concept understandably borrows the same unflattering white-and-black colour scheme as the official controller, which we weren't keen on when it was revealed last month. Things get more interesting later on in the video, when two other colour schemes (above) are revealed: pure black, and a Spiderman-inspired red-and-black. By adding a touch of swagger, we'd say these elevate the unusual design into something actually pretty bold. Sony, take note.

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Predictably, the new shape has divided opinion online. Some love it (above), while others, like us, aren't sure. But one thing thing we can surely agree on is that there's no faulting VR4Player's presentation. "Don’t like the design," one Reddit user says, "but do have to respect the massive amount of time put into this video. Really nicely done.” 

Until Sony sees fit to reveal the machine, we can only speculate what the PS5 will look like. VR4Player's concept has certainly added a dash of intrigue and excitement to what was mostly nervousness on our part – which we'd say is a pretty solid achievement. 

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