Razer's 24-karat gold mouse is 'insanely over the top'

The gold edition of the Razer Viper Signature Mini
(Image credit: Razer/Min-Liang Tan)

Razer's CEO has just debuted a custom edition of the brand's Viper Signature Mini gaming mouse decked out in 24-karat gold. This pimped-out peripheral is a one-of-a-kind custom edition and doesn't come with a list price, and honestly, we're glad – we dread to think how expensive a retail version would be. 

With the Viper Signature Mini released earlier this year in an limited drop, we already know how sought-after this model can be, but you won't be seeing the gold version releasing anytime soon, as it seems to be a one-time exclusive made for a mystery buyer. (If you want to level up your setup, check out our guide to the best gaming mouse options).

The Razer Viper Signature Mini

The gold edition is a lot bolder than the original Viper's sleek design (Image credit: Razer)

Taking to Twitter (or X, sorry), Razer's CEO Min-Liang Tan flexed the gold piece to fans, and it's just as garish as you can imagine. "I just had to take a couple of quick pics of it but the images truly don't do it justice," the CEO said. In the images, he's seen handling the mouse with gloves, and that's probably for the best as he says, "We don't have a list price to it because it's just so insanely over the top and special."

While we're fans of the original Viper design with its webbed body and compact structure, arguably its biggest benefit is its lightness. It may be eye-catching, but how will this gold edition perform when the lightweight magnesium alloy chassis is replaced with 24-karats? 

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The original Viper Signature Mini will set you back a cool $280 (and even more at resale), so we can only imagine that this exclusive design would be way out of the normal price range. However, it seems that Razer may already have a potential owner as it appears that the bottom of the custom display box has been blurred out – the name of the mystery buyer perhaps? 

Either way, we're going to hazard a guess that this "insanely over the top" custom piece might just be for show, since we can't see anybody beating any high scores with a clunky hunk of gold slowing them down. And fans seem to have a mixed response, with some praising the design and others confused.

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Whether or not you're a fan of this ostentatious design, it's clear that Razer is willing to go above and beyond with its custom creations. Eager for more lavish gaming goods? Check out this ludicrous PS5 design that's made of 20kg of solid gold. 

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