Is Ribena's new redesign its grooviest yet?

In a bid to make its packaging 100 per cent recyclable, Ribena has updated its bottle design – and the result is a new bottle shape that looks super-satisfying to hold. Although the world's favourite squash (an unofficial title, but we assume) made tracks towards total eco-friendliness last year, the bottle's label was causing a big problem. 

Apparently, though the bottles were already able to be recycled, the dark label (necessary to protect the liquid from bright light) covered so much of the bottle that recycling plants' sensors were unable to recognise it as being recyclable. But, in a project that cost £1.6 million and took over two years, the issue has finally been solved – and we think it's a smash hit. We just wonder if the iconic packaging is enough to rival our packaging design hotlist.


Two incarnations of the Ribena bottle (Image credit: Ribena)

We like the new bottle design, which has pleasing grooves running up the sides that we bet feel good in the hand. And the refreshed logo design and branding at the top actually packs more of a punch than the old bottle design (see it above) as the eye is drawn upwards to the lighter, fresher berry-encircled brand name. Plus, the real berry-coloured liquid taking the place of the iconic berry pictures works nicely. All in all, we think it's berry good, berry good indeed.


The new bottle, in all its glory (Image credit: Ribena)

Suntory Beverage & Food Great Britain & Ireland has gained recognition for its eco-credentials from The Recycling Association – something that all brands should be striving for moving forward. 

"We have been highly critical of manufacturers who have not taken responsibility for the full life cycle and recyclability of their products," said chief executive Simon Ellin. "[SBF GB&I] have been proactive in this space and have developed a fantastic new bottle for their Ribena brand," he continued.

Next up, will be a similar redesign across the Lucozade range (also made by the trailblazing SBF GB&I). We expect to see more brands embarking this type of step forward, as the kinks in environmentally-aware design are flagged and straightened out. It's certainly something to keep in mind when considering the latest product packaging design trends as keeping eco-conscious is a vital part of the design of the future.

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