Save on Wacom gear with Amazon's 'Shop The Future' weekend deals

Digital artists are in for a treat this Bank Holiday weekend, with Amazon hosting a huge sale on Wacom and Bamboo gear. That's right, by heading over to Amazon's Shop the Future weekend deals page, artists and illustrators can pick up graphics tablets, pens and gadget cases for less.

You'll also find deals on the latest cutting-edge electronics, home, health and beauty as well as food and drink products.

Let's dive in and see exactly what's up for grabs for digital artists – and how much you can save.

Save 30%: Wacom Intuos Pro Small graphics tablet

The Wacom Intuos Pro small graphics tablet is a fantastic piece of kit

First up is the Wacom Intuos Pro Small graphics tablet. Starting at midnight on 25 August and running through until 23:59 on 30 August, this offer sees the popular tablet retailing for just £161.99. That's a 30 per cent discount off the normal RRP.

Save 20%: Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch graphics tablet, small - black

The Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch Graphics Tablet is perfect for editing pictures

Running over the same time is a discount on Wacom's Intuos Photo Pen and Touch Graphics Tablet small black model. Compared to the tablet's regular price, you can save 20 per cent off RRP and snap it up for just £71.99.

Save 42%: Bamboo Stylus Duo 3 for Media Tablet/PC - Silver

The Bamboo Stylus Duo 3 is responsive and easy to use

This weekend offer sees a huge 42 per cent coming off the RRP of the smudge-free navigation tool. Perfect for smooth handwriting and compatible with most tablets, smartphones and touch screen PCs, this stylus can be yours for just £17.99.

Save 46%: Bamboo Spark Gadget Case - Grey

If you make a lot of handwritten notes, you'll love the Bamboo Spark

There's 46 per cent off RRP to be saved this weekend on Wacom's grey Bamboo Spark Gadget Case. Up for grabs for just £64.99, this is an ideal opportunity to snap up this tool, which turns handwritten notes into digital assets.

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