Scarily beautiful Scream movie posters drive the internet wild

The movie poster for Scream
(Image credit: Paramount)

We're suckers for a well-designed poster here at Creative Bloq, and the latest designs for the upcoming Scream movie have caught our eye. Sporting a retro-style look, the new posters are ticking all of our boxes with their iconic horror movie poster conventions, sparking both fear and nostalgia in us.

Scream is one of the latest franchises to get a modern reboot, and it looks as though the team are cutting no corners when it comes to creating some iconic marketing. The movie, set to release on 14 January, has had a couple of posters released in the lead up to the premiere, and the internet is absolutely loving them. Need to design your own poster? Check out our roundup of the best online poster makers

One of the Scream movie posters

These posters will keep you up at night (Image credit: Paramount)

The two vintage-inspired posters released this week (see above and below) and were created by professional poster designer, Creepy Duck Design. Nothing says 'horror movie' quite like the infamous mask from Scream, so what do you get when you combine that iconic mask with some spooky soft focus, a splash of blood and a heavy gothic Serif font? Brilliant horror movie poster designs, that's what. 

Despite how much we like the design, we can't help but notice that these designs look so perfectly 80s, but the original Scream came out in 1996. Perhaps the designers were looking to pay homage to some of the classic posters that came out in the 80s, in particular, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, which features a similar palette and large moon, instead of referencing the original Scream posters. 

One of the Scream movie posters

We need this up on our wall  (Image credit: Paramount)

We aren't the only one singing these posters' praises – the internet thinks they're great too. Over on the official Scream Reddit page, users were complimenting the designs, with one posting, "I love it. Brings back 80's slasher vibes," and another described them as, "pretty nostalgic". One Redditor hilariously said that they can, "See a dinosaur in the moon. Maybe the end credit scene will hint at a Jurassic World crossover," and while we hope to see dinosaurs in Scream, we seriously doubt they'll be making an appearance (although if they do we hope the next movie is called Roar).

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We have to wait until mid-January to watch the movie, but in the meantime, we just have to relish the design genius of these posters. If you'd like to try your hand at designing posters, then why not check out some Adobe Creative Cloud discounts and have a go?

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