Sonic the Hedgehog leak reveals creepy new logo

Netflix Sonic
(Image credit: Netflix)

In an accidental tease, Netflix revealed it is about to add everyone's favourite hedgehog to its list of content. According to a tweet sent out and quickly deleted, Sonic is about to get a sparkling new animated 3D show on the small screen. The tweet (see below) contained a hype-inducing list of iconic Sonic the Hedgehog features and a slightly-creepy Netflix-themed Sonic logo (see it above). 

We're not suggesting that this exact iteration of Sonic is to be featured in the show or that it will be the official logo – he is red, after all. And the eyeball-less devil-like incarnation may not sit too well on a children's show. But there are some tells about the character from this image, which we'll go into in a minute. (Hopefully Netflix used our list of character design tips to help design it.)

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There have been a few different versions of Sonic bouncing around over the years. Classic Sonic was the proud owner of a slightly larger midriff than later on, and was a bit rounder and shorter in both head and body – not to mention the short legs. More recently, in the Sonic Boom series (2014-2017, Sonic looked pretty different – with super long legs and more angular features. 

But it looks like Netflix is going with the modern 3D incarnation of the spiky guy for the show (the one in the middle in the image below, found in the 3D games not part of the Sonic Boom series). Sonic's body is more svelte than classic Sonic, but the silhouette is not as angular and elongated as in the Sonic Boom design.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Classic Sonic (left), later 3D Sonic (middle), Sonic Boom Sonic (right) (Image credit: Sega)

Twitter is abuzz with opinions about the character design:

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Though no other details have been announced yet, the tweet does let us know that the series will be made in collaboration with Sega, and TV production companies Wild Brain (the brains behind Teletubbies) and Man of Action entertainment (Ben 10 and Big Hero 6). 

Given Sonic's history of convoluted character redesigns (remember what happened with the film?), we hope these big name production companies are just what's needed to get the job done first time. We're sure that all eyes will be on the little guy's appearance, hoping for a less spiky start. 

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