I’m sorry but I love those weird Sonic Xbox controllers

A close up of the Sonic Xbox Series S
(Image credit: Microsoft/Sega)

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about the highly-anticipated release of the second Sonic movie. We're just over a week away from the big release now, but as we edge closer, it doesn't look like Paramount is slowing down with its brilliant marketing for the movie. 

Now Sega and Xbox have partnered to create some, er, interesting Xbox controllers. And by interesting, I mean most of the internet is calling them 'cursed'. If you're looking to treat yourself to an Xbox, make sure you check out our roundup of the best Xbox deals.

The Sonic Xbox Series S console

People aren't fans of the furry designs (Image credit: Sega/Microsoft)

If you enter Xbox's Twitter competition, then you could be in with a chance of winning one custom-designed Xbox Series S console (decorated with Sonic 2 artwork), as well as two furry custom Sonic controllers (see above). The two controller designs are inspired by Knuckles and Sonic. All you have to do is retweet Xbox's Tweet and follow the gaming company to be in with a chance. 

While the competition is to help promote the upcoming Sonic movie, it seems to have slightly backfired – but then again, they say no press is bad press. The controllers are being ruthlessly mocked online. One user replied to the competition "This is the worst custom controller I've seen," and another said, "I don't want controllers I have to feed". Although not everyone dislikes the fluffy designs, someone tweeted, "I need this now. It would make my whole year," and another simply replied, "I want the furry controllers". 

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While they're quite evidently not everyone's cup of furry tea, I actually quite like them with their bold colours and Sonic aesthetic. However, perhaps it's less a case of liking the design and more morbid curiosity – I just want to know what they feel like. I have to admit, they'd be pretty disastrous to clean if you spilt anything on them. Or sweat a lot. And I fear that they may start to smell a little too like woodland creatures after using them for a while too – yuck. But I still want to touch them. Is that weird?

The two Sonic the Hedgehog controllers in action

(Image credit: Microsoft/Sega/Xbox)

We'll have to wait and see who wins this utterly bizarre Xbox bundle, but in the meantime, why not catch up on all the best Xbox Series X games? Or perhaps you'd rather game away on a different console, in which case, you'll love our list of all the best games consoles available at the moment. 

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