Is Space Force’s new banknote the most bizarre currency ever?

Space Force currency
(Image credit: Proud Patriots)

Ever since Space Force was established by President Donald Trump in 2019, it's been the source of one bizarre branding story after another. The hype has been mostly concerning its logo, which was ridiculed for its similarity to Star Trek's emblem, and subsequently swiped by Netflix for its show of the same name. Now, the United States Space Force has started inspiring memorabilia just as strange. 

The piece in question is a banknote. A $2 bill, to be exact, with Space Force-themed artwork created in tribute to the creation of the space service branch of the US military. While it looks like a prop from a sci-fi-themed game show, it is actually legal tender that will set you back $14.95. Inspired? You could try creating your own (non-legal) tender using these Photoshop tutorials.

According to website Proud Patriots (see the bill advertised on its site above), the banknote is "guaranteed to melt snowflakes", and with the heat coming off this design, we can't help but agree.

Space Force

Bizarre... just, bizarre (Image credit: Merrick Mint)

Originally created by The Merrick Mint, a host of special effects surround the third President of the USA, Thomas Jefferson, who looks more than a little bemused at the rocket set on his left shoulder and jet of fire encircling his head. On the reverse is the signing of the Declaration of Independence. As it's a collector's item, the useable currency comes with a display case and full-colour certificate of authenticity.

If you find the version a little too... much, this isn't the only way to honour Space Force. The National Collector's Mint has another Space Force-themed design (below). Complete with some iconic space iconography, it still packs a punch but in a slightly less jazzy way.

Space Force

A slightly less strange tribute to Space Force (Image credit: National Collector's Mint)

These banknotes are certainly a long way from traditional currency design. In fact, they remind us of the way stamp design is played with for a range of different purposes (remember these 8-bit retro gaming stamps?). But the addition of the Space Force saga adds something special, thanks to the ongoing nature of the department's relationship to popular culture. We certainly could see the $2 turning up on a TV set. 

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