Paint your pet like a pro artist with the latest issue of Paint & Draw, on sale now!

Find out how to create striking paintings using photo references with the new issue of Paint & Draw, which you’ll find in shops now! Inside, you’ll find a fun workshop by Kate Oleska who painted the expressive cover art of her cat that’s loaded with feline attitude. We also head to Newcastle to discover how local artists have captured the city’s character and turned its landmarks into stunning paintings, along with recommendations of the best galleries and courses the area has to offer.

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Then it’s time to head to the coast as David Body reveals how he created an abstract seaside landscape with vivid and beautifully textured acrylics. The bright colours continue with Georgia Cox’s still life flower tutorial that shows you how to create an eye-pleasing composition using just a rich colour palette. It’s not all about acrylic paintings though, as Kate Osborne shares the secret to creating unique art with wet on wet watercolours that bleed across the page in vibrant washes.

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On top of this there’s an interview with celebrated British impressionist Chris Forsey, reviews of the latest art books and tools, a peek into the sketchbook of a professional artist, and bitesize art tips that you can start using instantly. Topped off with the latest art news and exhibitions, we think that you’ll agree this is an issue you won’t want to miss! Check out the highlights below!

Paint your pet from a photo

These painting tips will help you with working from photos

There’s more to working from a photo than just copying the image. Kate Oleska reveals in her tutorial how she injected some character into her feline cover art while capturing her pet’s fluffy fur at the same time. Along with tips for photographing your subject, Kate also shares how to prepare a board painting surface. By the end of the workshop you’ll have picked up valuable tips that you can use to paint pets, portraits and landscapes from photo references.

Curator's comments

Senior curator Carien Kremer talks about her latest exhibition

The life of Frank Brangwyn, the artist, collector and apprentice to William Morris, is the subject of the latest exhibition by senior Curator Carien Kremer. She talks to us about the collectors interest in Japanese art, how the exhibition was gathered together from private hands, and his connections with a young Japanese printmaker, Urushibara. There's also an insight into the craze of Japanese art that swept through Europe during the 1800s, plus a contemporary piece that explores the collaboration between Brangwyn and Urushibara.

Pick up skills with our bitesize tips

Pick up some useful art techniques with Bitesize

Our regular Bitesize feature continues, providing you with useful art tips that you can start putting into action immediately. This month our artists guide you through how to experiment with Brusho ink pigments to create colours that leap off the page, as well as how to combine different shading techniques with graphite pencils, paint vibrant petals in watercolour, and much more. Complete with video tutorials, these tips are sure to equip you with a new creative skill.

How to capture a night atmosphere

This tutorial will show you the secrets to painting night time scenes

Painting a scene at night time poses its own set of unique challenges. In this feature, David Farren shares how to tackle this challenging subject matter. With advice on colour theory, composition and texture, David explores how to paint a street scene after hours. Armed with just a limited colour palette, canvas board, paint and flat brushes, David produces stunning results with tips that can be transferred to other artwork you want to create when the sun goes down.

Draw a figure in under 5 minutes

Improve your figure drawing skills in just five minutes with these tips

Life drawing doesn't have to be a time-consuming process, as Chris Legaspi explains with his tips for sketching a figure in under five minutes. In this feature you'll learn how to break down the human body into distinct shapes and turn quick sketches into anatomically accurate mini masterpieces. With advice on how to draw individual body parts and the human figure as a whole, the exercises in this article are the perfect way to warm up for a longer drawing session or a useful way to spend your spare time.