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Here's why you shouldn't throw away your old iPhone boxes

iPhone boxes
(Image credit: Greg Does Things on Twitter)

Do you feel the need to stockpile the boxes your purchases came in 'just in case', or are you the type to ruthlessly confine them to the bin straight away? It's a battle that's waging in households around the world, with many consumers storing their boxes in dust-gathering piles while their cohabiters stare at the clutter in dismay (yes, we speak from experience). 

A recent Twitter thread has exploded (seriously, it has over 75,000 retweets), which all began with the suggestion that you should just ditch the box your phone came in as "you will never need it". What came next highlighted the great divide in opinion, as the lively discussion threw up some super-inventive potential uses for Apple iPhone boxes. 

So whether you've just been gifted one of the best smartphones, or one of the best cameras for beginners, or even have a box for one of the best iPhone chargers, some of these suggestions may just convince you to hang on to your boxes.

Practical ideas ranged from repurposing the boxes to create new storage and display space in the home...

The below invention kinda blew our minds:

The next trend is slightly more sombre...

Then, of course, there's the practical reason to save your boxes – the resale of your device, or the need to keep your IMEI code (though some people had workarounds for this).

We were stunned to hear how much old boxes can be sold for on eBay (see below) – looks like this Apple aficionado will be getting a surprise payday:

And finally, there's the retro appeal of old box design...

To explore more ideas for repurposing your old boxes (and we think many of these could stretch to other products too – we're looking at you shoebox mountain), see the original thread right here. And if any of the organisation-based ideas have sparked a need to get yourself organised, see our office organisation ideas, which are guaranteed to transform your studio.

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