Sensational AirPods Pro 2 leaks revealed

Apple AirPods Pro
The next AirPods Pro could look very different (Image credit: Apple)

Apple might have announced a brand new set of over-ear AirPods at the very end of last year, but the iconic in-ear originals haven't seen an update since 2019. But two new leaks suggest the AirPods Pro could be next in line for an update – with some big surprises in store.

One Apple leaker has shared a photo on Twitter (below) purporting to show the inner workings of not one but two different AirPods Pro models, suggesting the next earbuds could be available in multiple editions. Could we be in for more than one new entry to our best wireless headphones list?

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Twitter user Mr.White suggests that the new AirPods Pro could come in two different sizes, and that both will feature the same W2 chip found in the current AirPods Pro. 

It isn't clear why users might benefit from the new AirPods Pro coming in two sizes – the interchangeable rubber tips can generally fix any fit issues. It seems more likely therefore that any size difference could be intended to accommodate extra features. Perhaps we could see the rumoured stem-less 'sport' edition along with a more traditional design with more features?

And perhaps one of those features will be the ability to control the AirPods Pro with your teeth (yes, you read that right). A second leak, shared by Patently Apple, reveals that Apple has filed a patent for earphones featuring "through-body input" – meaning they can detect actions such as touching your face and clicking your teeth. What a time to be alive, eh?

AirPods patent

Hands. Face. Playlist. (Image credit: Patently Apple)

Of course, as with all Apple Patents, only time will tell whether through-body input will ever become a reality. As with any new tech, there'll no doubt be plenty of teething problems to work out (sorry). In the meantime, check out today's best AirPods offers below, and take a look at our roundup of the best Apple January Sales deals.

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