I Have Nothing but respect for Whitney Houston's new branding

Whitney Houston multiple images
(Image credit: Erik Herrström)

Whitney Houston has been rebranded for the digital space, with a whole new visual identity based on iconography, typography and design found across her vast collection of works. The new branding – commissioned by Sony – aims to encapsulate the star's identity for a modern audience. It's a huge ask to redefine a legend for a modern, online space, but we think the project is an overwhelming success.

The new identity will accompany Houston's work wherever you find it officially placed by Sony, from on Spotify to Sony-owned interviews and everywhere in between. Consisting of a dynamic monogram logo, new colour palette and brand-new typography, we're big fans of the sleek aesthetic that somehow remains playful, and feels classic all at the same time. We especially appreciate the inclusion of Houston's handwritten signature (below). See our monogram logo list to compare it to some other favourites.

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Georgia Coggan

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