We love the caveman chic of this Nintendo Switch mod

A wooden Nintendo Switch on a background of an autumnal forest.
(Image credit: Peter Knetter/Shuttershock/Future)

The wonderful world of gaming is ever evolving, with consoles featuring the very latest tech and materials to make them cutting-edge as possible. But what if gaming took a step back towards an older, more simpler time? Behold, the wooden Nintendo Switch

One YouTuber recently posted a video of a mod he made for his Nintendo Switch. The Switch was fully encased in a new body made of three planks of wood and fully functioning wooden buttons. The video showed the process of making the mod and then playing three games of Smash Bros just to prove that it worked. Loving this wood design? Check out our roundup of some brilliant wood illustrations. Make sure you check out our Nintendo Switch Black Friday live blog for the latest updates on all the best Switch deals. 

The video shared by YouTuber Peter Knetter, has racked up over a whopping 170k views already. His light-hearted approach to making the mod makes great entertainment and we have had to stop ourselves from binge watching all of his videos. Knetter also created a number of other modulations including a wooden Switch Pro controller and a portable PlayStation 4.

YouTube users loved Knetter's design, and the video has now accumulated over a thousand comments about the mod. One user commented "it reminds me of a Wii U Gamepad, maybe because of the slightly bigger design and the screen being sunk in a little farther back." And we totally see it. 

A comparison between Knetter's mod and the Wii U console.

The curved shape and sunken screen of the modded Switch looks a lot like the Wii U. (Image credit: Wired/Peter Knetter/Future)

A screenshot of a comment on the 'Wooden Nintendo Switch' YouTube video. "Ah yes, how Nintendo made the Switch in the caveman era."

(Image credit: Future/Gamer Ryder)

A screenshot of a comment on the 'Wooden Nintendo Switch' YouTube video. ""when an artist put their passion and enjoyment in one place, people can feel the excitement of that artist" - Tsubasa Yamaguchi (Blue Period comic artist). I can feel that word in your work, great job Peter 👍"

(Image credit: Future/Fixy)

A screenshot of a comment on the 'Wooden Nintendo Switch' YouTube video.

(Image credit: Future/KidDude)

We absolutely love this wood design and can't get enough of its autumnal feel. We may worry about getting splinters, but it's probably worth it for such a beautiful mod. If you haven't got your hands on your own consoles yet, then check out our Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals. 

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