Never forget that the world is a cat playing with Australia

Every now and again, a classic image surfaces that makes us all happy to live on this Earth. And this, frankly, genius interpretation of the shape of the countries of the world is one of those images. It may have been knocking around since the beginning of time, but it never fails to raise a smile and shows the impact the simplest of Photoshop work can have on our mood. 

Because, folks, if you didn't realise it, the world is actually a giant cat playing with Australia. Yes, yes, we know you've all seen it before, it adorns T-shirts and is the subject of memes across the internet. But that doesn't mean it shouldn't be celebrated for what it is – the output of a stellar creative mind. If you think you've got a meme up your sleeve, check out our top Photoshop tutorials to make it happen. 


(Image credit: via @wayne5540 on Twitter)

The more cynical among you might think it's just this particular map that gives this effect, but we're pleased to report the countries of this world retain that shape on a variety of different maps. Here is another one.

Cat Australia

(Image credit:

If you've got the kind of creative mind to see patterns and images all over the place (how many times have you seen Jesus in burnt toast?), we salute you, and we'd love to see your compositions. Turn them into your own graphics with our how to make a meme in Photoshop guide, then share them with us on Twitter or Facebook. 

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