When whisky packaging meets album artwork

Ballantine s

This is the first in Ballantine's 'Artist Series' partnership

Famous for creating surreal and beautiful album artwork for the likes of Bonobo and The Horrors, Leif Podhajsky has now collaborated with Ballantine's whisky to launch this hypnotically abstract gift pack as part of distillery's new 'Artist Series'.

Inspired by the scenic beauty of Scotland, these psychedelic sleeves and boxes are a fresh spin on whisky packaging. The fluid shapes and saturated colours are balanced by a heraldic logo and Ballantine's classic typeface to produce a truly distinctive gift pack.

Leif created the artwork for Ballantine's in the same way he produces covers for musicians, by totally immersing himself. "I spent time in Scotland exploring the rugged, natural landscapes and getting to understand the process of whisky making to get inspiration," he says.

"The Artist Series project with Ballantine's gave me an opportunity to create a design that consumers can explore," Leif explains. "They can see how the whisky-making process, the rugged Scottish landscape and the complex character of Ballantine's whisky is reflected in the packaging artwork.”

Explore the artwork yourself with the images below, or order your own set from Ballantine's website.

Ballantine s

These bottles were inspired by Scotland's rugged beauty

Leif Podhajsky

Leif Podhajsy has worked on famous album covers

Ballantine s

The design communicates the movement of liquid

Ballantine s

Leif immersed himself in world of whisky making

Ballantine s

The design was launched in September

Ballantine s

Ballantine's is the world's number two Scotch whisky

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