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This amazing free app makes 3D photos

ItSeez is claiming to have reinvented photography with its mobile 3D scanner app ItSeez3D.

This free app makes 3D photos

This app makes 3D scanning available for anyone with an iPad.

The app itself is free (for now!), but you'll need an iPad and a sensor that clips on the tablet's camera lens to start capturing images in 3D. When you do, the results are uncanny.

This free app makes 3D photos

With the sensor you can create accurate models in seconds.

By circling around your subject – or photographing the entire room if you want a model of that – ItSeez3D and the sensor captures the detail with inferred precision. Then using the Cloud for all the tech heavy-lifting, creates a mesh and adds full colour textures to produce a 3D model.

This free app makes 3D photos

The sensor captures the information using infarred light and the 3D scanner app puts all that back together to create the 3D model.

You can then make a 3D print of your model or import it into Autodesk's AutoCAD. Once the software options widen, this could make a far bigger impact on the way professionals as well as hobbyists use the technology.

Just imagine seeing something on the move – the perfect model for a character you're working on, or an intricate piece of metalwork to feature in an environment – whipping out your iPad, then working on a detailed model of it moments later on your PC!

This free app makes 3D photos

Your scanned image is captured and synthesised in the Cloud.

The main cost here is the sensors themselves – so far either a Structure Sensor or a iSense work with the app, both at around £350. That is, of course, if you already have an iPad 4, iPad Air, or iPad mini with Retina display (iOS7 & 8).

But we advise you keep an eye on this little app, as it becomes compatable with more hardware and software.

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