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71 Photoshop shortcuts you need to know

Play with brush sizes and more with these great Photoshop shortcuts

Play with brush sizes and more with these great Photoshop shortcuts

32. Show/Hide Brush panel


Experiment with different brush types and dynamics in Brush Settings.

33. Increase/decrease brush size

  • MAC: ]/[
  • WINDOWS: ]/[

Getting your brush size just right is one of the most important aspects of Photoshop. Do it with this command.

34. Fill

  • MAC: Shift+F5
  • WINDOWS: Shift+F5

Whether you want to fill the selection with the foreground colour or with a selected pattern, use this Photoshop shortcut to get the job done quickly.

35. Default foreground/background colour


Especially useful for masking, Instantly switch to black and white for foreground and background colours.

36. Switch foreground/background colours


Toggle between two colours without having to take your cursor off the image.

37. Increase/decrease brush hardness

  • MAC: }/{
  • WINDOWS: }/{

Brush hardness is just as important, so get it right with this shortcut.

38. Previous/next brush

  • MAC: ,/.
  • WINDOWS: ,/.

Save time and distractions by using these simple commands to swiftly move through the various brushes on offer.

39. First/last brush

  • MAC: </>
  • WINDOWS: </>

If you don't want to have go through the entire array of Brushes on offer, hit these commands to go back to the start or end.

40. Toggle airbrush option

  • MAC: Shift+Opt+P
  • WINDOWS: Shift+Alt+P

Simulate spraying painting with Photoshop's Airbrush tool using this helpful shortcut.

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