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Art director's portfolio packs Pythonesque punch

We're rather taken with the work of Bratislav Milenkovic, a Serbian illustrator and art director. Based in Belgrade, he has a background in advertising, he's been working as a freelance illustrator for the past few years with a list of clients as long as your arm.

He recently updated his portfolio and it's a treasure trove of striking illustration and typography. A lot of his work reminds us of some of our favourite animation from the '60s and '70s; think of The Beatles' Yellow Submarine and Terry Gilliam's anarchic cut-out work for Monty Python's Flying Circus and you'll get the idea.

His portfolio runs from straight illustrative commissions through to more surreal personal work, and from the printed page to full-scale murals. We particularly love his series of illustrated letters and, of course, a recent image for Computer Arts. Check out some of his work here, and head over to his portfolio if you want to see more.

Words: Jim McCauley

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