17 stunning examples of ink artwork

In this digital age, knowing how to draw with a physical materials seems like an anachronism. But it remains one of the most portable, convenient and cost-effective forms of creating art. Most of us would instinctively reach for a pencil, but have you considered using a pen instead?

We've collected together some amazing examples of ink drawings, which show just what interesting and intriguing art can be created – hopefully they'll inspire you to learn how to get started with ink drawing yourself!

01. Predrag Djukic

Predrag's stippling and hatching creates a wonderfully hyperreal look

Predrag's stippling and hatching creates a wonderfully hyperreal look

Belgrade-based freelance artist Predrag Djukic works across a range of media including pencil, watercolour and even egg tempera, but ink work on paper work, such as the untitled image above, really stands out thanks to its mix of near-photoreal execution and high-contrast stippling and hatching, resulting in a splendidly hyperreal feel.

02. Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson's tribute to Stand By me is available as a giclée print

Paul Jackson's tribute to Stand By me is available as a giclée print

A British artist based in Toronto, Paul Jackson loves drawing stuff - the weirder the better. He created this gorgeous tribute to mark the 30th anniversary of one of his favourite films, Stand By Me; if you think it would look good on your wall then you can order a giclée print from his Big Cartel store.

03. VianaArt

Ink drawings – VianaArt

VianaArt uses basic BIC ballpoint pens for her drawings

This realistic illustration is hugely impressive. Usually using eight basic Bic ballpoint pens, Deviant Art user VianaArt used a mere six of them to create this amazing ink drawing. We find the hair especially impressive, with the artist giving special attention to each strand.

04. Paul Robbins

Ink drawings – Paul Robbins

You'll love the shapes used in this example

Created using pen, ink and watercolour on A0 mountboard, this is one of the many impressive ink drawings from illustrator Paul Robbins. Not only is the colour instantly striking, it's the shapes that we've fallen in love with. You can see his step-by-step process here.

05. Eleni Kalorkoti

Ink drawings – Eleni Kalorkoti

We love the understated ink drawings of illustrator Eleni Kalorkoti

Edinburgh-based illustrator Eleni Kalorkoti creates charming and understated drawings using pencil, ink and more. This Superhero zine was created during 2013 which saw Kalorkoti create a zine for every month of the year. The monochrome ink drawings are just lovely.

06. Simon Prades

Ink drawings – Simon Prades

This is just one of many impressive ink works from Simon Prades

This impressive artwork from German based illustrator Simon Prades is just one example of his incredible editorial work over the past few years. We picked this one out purely for the use of perspective and colour, using shadow to its fullest potential.

07. Wang 2mu

Ink drawings – Wang 2mu

A lot of patience was needed for this

This New Year poster was created using a series of coloured ballpoint pens by Shanghai-based illustrator Wang 2mu. He regularly uses these specific ink tools for his work, focuses on blue, red and white for most of his creations. This is seriously patient, impressive work.

08. Jordan Grace Owen

Ink drawings – Jordan Grace Owens

An adorable portrait showcases Jordan's ink talents

Artist and illustrator Jordan Grace Owen creates some seriously cute ink drawings. Inspired by her friends and family, her simple scribbles produce adorable portraits that prove you don't need to go overboard with details to create a striking piece of art.

09. Mike Lyon

Ink drawings – Mike Lyon

This sketch took 240 hours of continuous drawing to complete

Just… wow. It took illustrator Mike Lyon 240 hours of continuous drawing with pen and ink to complete this drawing of 'Anthony'. Created on 83x45 inches of Arches 300lb hot press watercolor paper, this piece of art is nothing short of stunning.

10. Lisandro Demarchi

Ink drawings – Lisandro Demarchi

Lisandro's ink drawings are beautifully surreal

Lisandro Demarchi started out publishing comic-zines before becoming more conservative and avoided publishing anything. Now, he creates striking ink drawings such as this. A beautifully surreal ink artist.

11. Aaron Baggio

Ink drawings – Aaron Baggio

This inspiring artwork was carefully composed by artist Aaron Baggio

This realistic image has so much detail, it's almost hard to believe that it was handdrawn. But we assure you, it was – by super-talented illustrator Aaron Baggio. In this piece of pointillism, titled 'The Thinker', artist Baggio used successive layers of ink dots to create depth and shadowing in his work.

12. Joakim Dahlqvist

Ink drawings – Joakim Dahlqvist

Talented artist Joakim Dahlqvist created this intricate illustration of an imaginary world

Joakim Dahlqvist is an architect, designer, illustrator and digital artist. And he is also the talent behind this intricate ink drawing of the imaginary world of Podalida. The amount of detail in this illustration is mind blowing – we wouldn't even like to guess just how long it took him. To see and navigate the image in its full glory, click here.

13. Scott Woyak

Ink drawings – Scott Woyak

Woyak's portolio is full of beautiful animal portraits, but this handsome chap was our favourite

This beautiful illustration was created by artist Scott Woyak. A lover of animals, Woyak's portfolio is full of stunning pen and ink portraits of various different species. Unbelievably, this talented artist does not draw for a living and only does it as a hobby!

14. Ron Stevens

Ink drawings – Ron Stevens

This detailed, clever illustration was created by talented artist Ron Stevens

Artist Ron Stevens has mastered the medium of pen and ink and this inspiring print is one of our favourite examples of his stunning work. There's a lot going on in this illustration, the fine detail depicting not only a beautiful waterfall but image of a deer's head too.

15. Kandy Radzinski

Ink drawings – Mr Watson with Teddy

Artist Kandy Radzinski's Scottie dog Kirby was the inspiration behind this piece titled Mr Watson with Teddy

This unbelievably detailed illustration looks like a graphite drawing, but the fine detail was in fact penned in ink. Inspired by her Scottie dog Kirby, talented author and artist Kandy Radzinski drew this beautiful piece, which is one of many amazing Scottie portraits she's created of her super-cute canine friend.

16. Ron C Guthrie

Ink drawings – Ron C Guthrie

Ron C Guthrie comments on his website, "I love doing automobiles simply because it is so fun to do the reflections on the painted surfaces"

Artist Ron C Guthrie creates his beautiful drawings using the stippling technique – where images are created with the same colour dots of ink. Guthrie illustrates all manner of objects, including boats, horses and aeroplanes. But one of our favourites is this gorgeous 1953 MG sports car.

17. Fred Kennett

Ink drawings – Fred Kennett

Artist Fred Kennett has been producing beautiful ink drawings for over 30 years

Fred Kennett has been producing amazing pen and ink drawings for the past 30 years. Based in Kingston-Upon-Hull, UK, Kennett specialises in detailed observational and abstract drawings. As well as being a talented artist, Kennett is a merchant seaman. Away at sea for various lengths of time, he has valuable opportunities to depict gorgeous scenes such as this intricate illustration of boats in harbour.

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