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The 20th Century's finest artists, from A to Z

Alphabet of modern artists

This aphapet-based print is a work of art in itself!

How many of the artists in this alphabet print, designed by Andy Tuohy, have you heard of? Some you'll definitely know - but the ones you don't are definitely worth investigating. For example, are you familiar with Larry Zox was an American painter and printmaker, famous for his abstract and geometrical compositions? If not, he's well worth investigating (and not just because his name begins with Z...).

Besides that, the poster's also worth checking out as a work of art in itself. We love the way Tuohy has illustrated the famous figures using their most recogniseable characteristics. For example, Andy Warhol is depicted through a series of pop art prints and Piet Modrian with his signature colour-filled grids.

Choosing a name for each letter wasn't easy, Tuohy explains. "Unfortunately some artists didn't make the cut, but then there's only one M and Mondrian was picked. We couldn't choose any other P than Picasso, D for Dali and W for Warhol."

The Great Modern Artists A-Z print is available to purchase here.

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