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20 top 2016 diaries for designers

If you're still contemplating the best way to organise 2016, this selection of personal diaries will help you stay on top events, anniversaries and general goings-on. From tiny to extensive, cleverly designed to simplistic, colourful to pared-down, there should be something for every designer tempted to ditch the calendar app for hardcopy in the coming year.

01. Personalised monogram diary

For many there is still a simple pleasure in a beautifully made and monogrammed personal diary. This leather product is hand-made in Artbox's Sussex book-binding studio and can also be engraved with a special message. In addition, it features plenty of space to write down the year's events and memories.

02. 365 days

A page-per-day is essentially a diary, notebook and sketchpad all in one, as it provides ample space to scribble and doodle. This model has a planner section for 2016 as well as 2017, a notes section, three-year-at-a-glance section and a birthday page, so no excuse for forgetting anything in the foreseeable future.

03. Monthly planner/scrap book

This ultra-minimal range of monthly planners is not strictly for 2016, but will do the job nicely– if you're a bit more spontaneous and less of a stickler for advance planning. The pared down design just begs to be filled with a busy and creative schedule.

04. Calendar stickers

Turn your favourite notebook into a yearly planner with these 2016 calendar stickers. The inserts remind you of the months’ days, while leaving most of your book free for note-taking, sketching and other brain dumps.

05. Dayz pocket planner

Viennese designers Michael Augsten and Magdalena Thur created this pocket planner to combines premium raw materials with a clever and clear design. It promises a new way of organising your time, with different views possible through its concertina construction. It can stand on a desk, fit into a pocket or hang from a wall.

06. Lefthanders' calendar

Designed for left-handers, this 2016 diary features weekly planning pages on the left for ease of use, as well as trivia and facts to celebrate left-handedness. £13.99

07. Week Dominator

Organise your time efficiently with the Week Dominator. Not only does this sturdy book have ample space to plan out your day, there's also room to brainstorm, sketch, set priorities and more – all in one book! New stock is arriving in January, which will see the Week Dominator updated with a sleek, soft new cover.

08. MiGoals diary

This softcover diary is a user-friendly, tactile minimalist treat, which focuses on providing plenty of space to record personal goals and notes. With a week displayed on one page, as well as goal setting space and notes pages throughout, it also offers inspiring quotes.

09. Floral planner

This premium planner is handmade with floral fabric and gilded paper, and its uncluttered pages have room for days' and months' worth of musings and appointments. It's definitely an old-school diary, for those who appreciate the well-made and hand-written.

10. Minimalist monthly planner

A simple contents diary if ever there was one, this A4 monthly planner is slimline and user friendly. Printed on vellum paper – good for writing and drawing, according to its creators Eedendesign – it is sewing bound with a PVC cover for extra strength and protection.

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