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Jessica Hische's single-minded responsive site

Words: Paul Lloyd

Jessica Hische is a renowned letterer and illustrator based in San Francisco - we featured her 'Drop cap' style covers for Penguin Classics recently - and she is now onto the second responsive iteration of her site.

"Much of the redesign had to do with a major IA overhaul, with my portfolio now one consolidated body of work," Hische explains. "I tried to approach the site mobile first, which helped a great deal in reorganising the structure and content."

Jessica Hische 1

As befits a letter designer, the typesetting on Jessica Hische's website is beautiful

The site is beautifully typeset, providing much of its personality, and the design is subtle yet detailed, allowing her portfolio to take centre stage. To show it at its best requires large images, but despite the download hit, we think her work is worth the wait.

Jessica Hische 2

Hische designed her website mobile-first, to help with the organisation of contect

"My desire was to simplify," says Hische. "I learn more and more with every responsive site I design, and I think that streamlining my thinking is the biggest positive thing to come with each iteration."

Homepage requests/size: 82/2.24MB mobile, 85/2.52MB desktop

This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 233.

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