Agency site breaks rules with typeface mashup

The mix of serif, sans serif, and monospaced typefaces is bizarre, but somehow works

Design Intellection is a small design studio that’s located in Louisville, Kentucky and run by David Yeiser.

Acting both as a portfolio of Yeiser’s work and as his personal blog, the Design Intellection website is a masterclass in achieving beauty through simplicity.

We’re huge admirers of its innovative blend of serif, sans serif, and monospaced typefaces, which works really effectively - even though it shouldn’t!

The agency took pains to make sure the site worked well on mobile devices

The studio was keen to make the site responsive - and wanted to get it right first time.

"Proper planning beforehand is paramount when it comes to the complexity of responsive design,” reflects Yeiser. "Of course, you can only plan so much - and at some point you have to jump in and see what works and what doesn’t as you build it."

Homepage requests/size: 17/253kB mobile, 17/253kB desktop

Words: Paul Lloyd. This showcase was originally published in .net magazine issue 232.

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