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Samsung website is a breath of fresh air

Choosing the right model of air conditioner for your home or office is a big decision, but it's hardly the most fun of tasks. So when Samsung asked creative agency Designfever to build them a Italian microsite, they created this engagingly interactive Flash-based program that makes the job easy, quick and pleasing on the eye.

Visitors to the microsite choose from 12 variables - such as house type, room size, and ceiling height - and they're presented with the best models for their needs. "Inspired by 16-bit video games of the past, we utilized Flash to create a user interface that would capture the attention of users," explains Designfever's Bruce Iberg.

"The delicate illustrations add to the user’s level of interest, providing a sense of humour as they remain animated throughout the program. People quickly respond to the game-like quality of the program as they progressed through the 12 levels, seeing immediate results."

The success of the website saw it quickly rolled out to other territories, with other language options added.

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