This awesome Star Wars fan art is out of this world

04. Dean Smith

death star and millenium falcon

Dean's stylish illustrations of the infamous Death Star and Millenium Falcon would look great in any modern home

The UK designer has over five years experience in branding, packaging, digital and print design and we love his simplistically stylish take on the SW's universe's famous space ships.

x-wing and advanced

Dean's X-Wing Starfighter and TIE Advanced are a slick tribute to his love of fandoms

"These were just a personal project outside of work hours, to satisfy my love of illustration," says Dean. "I only tend to illustrate things I like i.e Game of Thrones, Star Wars etc. I feel like if I have a interest in the subject the illustration will always come out better."

05. Jam-Wah

Jam Wah's Chewie

Chewie: “Why did I make him a hipster? I have literally no idea, but it's an angle I suppose,” says Jamie

Illustrator and designer, Jam-Wah (real name Jamie Roberts) is no stranger to drawing pop-culture icons – from Adventure Time and TMNT to The Lost Boys. Although he credits the 1980's Transformers cartoons as inspiring his artistic career he's been a been a Star Wars fan from before he was forming memories:

"Toys, comics, VHS tapes, you name it. The old book-n-tapes were great, too!"

"Impressive", a t-shirt design Jamie recently took off-sale: "I wanted it to be design-led rather than purely illustrative."

"Impressive", a t-shirt design Jamie recently took off-sale: "I wanted it to be design-led rather than purely illustrative."

06. Jenn Tran

jenn tran bb8

Jenn Tran was inspired to draw BB8 after seeing TFA's trailer where the droid peeks out from around the corner, a moment that revealed a spark of personality

"BB8 is my favorite character so far and I think it's fascinating that he/she(?) is already such a beloved character even though people don't know much about it yet. It's such an appealing design for a droid and I was utterly charmed the first time I saw it roll out on stage at the Star Wars Celebration," Jenn reveals. She created a particularly lovable version of the droid here, with a classic graphic design pop-art style.

The illustrator, based out of Seattle, Washington, has always been a big Star Wars fan, also attributing influence to the likes of other sci-fi and fantasy greats: Tolkein and Miyazaki. She currently works as a concept artist for Harebrained schemes and as a freelance fantasy illustrator.

Words: Alice Pattillo

Alice Pattillo is a staff writer at Creative Bloq.

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