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This book will improve your web typography

From headlines to body copy, typography is a huge part of website design. With millions of people connected to the internet via their phones, tablets and desktops, it's more important than ever that online typography is both engaging and practical.

Good typography puts you in a good mood, so it's crucial that web designers know how it works. Richard Rutter's Web Typography handbook will show you how the guidelines in Robert Bringhurst's revered volume Elements of Typographic Style can be applied to web design.

Rutter already launched in 2005 to demonstrate how Bringhurst's ideas work on the web, but with his handbook he hopes to make a practical, physical point of reference for web designers everywhere.

Typography handbook contents

This book will explain key terms and show how they work practically

The book will cover the theory of typographic principles as well as showing how they can apply to screens of all shapes, sizes and capabilities.

With advice on choosing fonts, tips on how to layout text, and code samples designed for long term web use, the Web Typography handbook aims to be just as important as Bringhurst's typography bible.

Typography handbook contents

Typography styles are compared and explained

Rutter has just smashed his Kickstarter target and he aims to release the book by November 2015.

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