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Learn new web design skills in this free book

Download this free book today

Download this free book today

Cards & Minimalism, from the wireframing & prototyping app UXPin, explores two design trends that are quickly becoming timeless staples.

With mobile users overtaking desktop users, web UI techniques are leaning on simpler styles, paving the way for cards and minimalism.

Given the easy organizational structure and format advantageous to touch screens, cards are expanding beyond social media sites into sites all across the web.

At the same time, the low maintenance and loading times of minimalism – coupled with the rise of flat design – make the style perfect for responsive design.

Named a top 10 design tool of 2015 by net magazine, UXPin has compiled 70+ pages of advice on implementing these techniques, citing examples and screenshots from 43 companies like Google, Microsoft, Squarespace, and more.

The book explains the history and evolution of the techniques

The book explains the history and evolution of the techniques

Topics in the free ebook include:

  • the do's and don'ts for using both techniques
  • analyses of each to determine whether they'll work for you
  • an explanation of their history and evolution
  • real screenshots to illustrate everything you need to know
  • 20 other resources and tools on the web to help further you master the techniques.

The book is written in a practical format that teaches through example rather than pure theory. It’s a fairly quick and helpful read, so feel free to check it out.

Download the free ebook

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