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Font of the day: Gill Sans Nova

Gill Sans Nova typeface

We're big fans of typography and are always seeking out new and exciting typefaces, whether free fonts or the very best fonts worth paying for. So, if you're in need of a font for your current project or are building up a collection, we may be able to help out.

Every day, we post our 'Font of the day', with the best free and paid-for fonts we can find. You can search the site for our back catalogue or search the hashtag #CBfonts on Twitter. Now we're going to take a little ad break and below it you'll find today's selection!

Gill Sans Nova by George Ryan

Monotype Studio designer George Ryan is the man behind today's typeface of choice Gill Sans Nova. "Gill Sans was fast to strike a chord with people after its initial 1928 release and quickly became popular," Ryan comments on MyFonts. "It's been adapted for every publishing technology, from mechanical typesetting to digital imaging – always receiving the best treatment from Monotype in each iteration.

"This is especially true with all that we've added to the new series, while still retaining the familiarity of Gill Sans. My goal was to ensure clarity across digital environments, add missing weights, and bring more personality to the family with new display fonts, as well as Gill-inspired alternate characters."

Gill Sans Nova is available to purchase over on MyFonts, where you can currently benefit from a special discounted introductory offer.

Gill Sans Nova typeface

Gill Sans Nova typeface

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