15 fantastic logo fonts

09. Breakers Slab by Kostic

Breakers Sans is a versatile font

Introducing a serious slab that keeps its cool from Thin right up to Ultra black. This quietly confident companion to Breakers Sans is perfect on the page and raring to go with colour. Spot on for big headers and a breeze for your bold branding and logo designs.

10. Lunetta by Sawdust

Lunetta, by Sawdust, is a high-impact display font

Every character in this font is a work of space-age art. The numbers are a futurist dream and the natty outline function brings a whole new level of detail. High impact yet hypnotic, Lunetta's curves, parallels and clever use of space all serve to hold the eye in admiration. What better gift for a logo designer?

11. Otto by Non-Format

We're huge fans of Non-Format's Otto font

This magical looking font comes direct from the esteemed Non-Format Studio. Their work has been picked up by Nike, Orange, Uniqlo and more. This unique font with a combination of delicate lines with flashes of block colour might inspire you to up your logo game.

12. Port by Joao Oliveira

Port is an experimental Didone typeface with a modern twist

This font can leave you spoiled for choice with the sheer range of internal variety on offer. Classic features used in experimental ways invite the designer to try the same approach with their work. Go to town with colour and multiple decorations to bring your logo to life.

13. Sobek by Thinkdust

Experimental font Sobek is based on remixed sans-serif letterforms

A dazzling array of acute angles and cute rounds mark this out as a very special font. Each character is a successful experiment all its own. It won't be too hard to find unique combinations to show off in this acrobatic little set.

14. Thirsty Rough by Yellow Design Studio

Thirsty Script Rough is a warm and weathered logo font

Thirsty Script grows a new branch in the shape of Thirsty Rough. It has all the intricate loops and style of the former font, but with added textures, tarnishes and techniques that make this version more logo friendly than ever. The detail just gets better the bigger you go.

15. TJ Evolette A by TypeMe

TJ Evolette A is an experimental, fashionable and clean font

TJ Evolette A has a contemporary and ready-to-wear look in the main set. Design-wise it can be as streamlined or extravagant as you require, with intricate alternates and stylistic sets available to open this font into a veritable palette of ideas.

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