Try 8,000+ fonts for free!

Font specialists Monotype has launch a new service that will allow users to try fonts for free for up to five minutes within any Mac or Windows application. (But don't forget to check out our comprehensive list of free fonts.)

With Skyfonts, users will also be able to spend credits to rent fonts for as long as they’re needed. When the trial or rental period is up, the font will be removed from your system.

You can browse through over 8,000 different fonts, and try them out at no cost

The company is clearly hoping this try-before-you-buy service, along with the rental option, will be killer features for designers already signed up to other font providers.

How does it work?

To rent a font for one day, you'll need to use one credit; three credits will allow you to rent a font for 30 days.

Credits are available in packs of 15 or more at $3 per credit, or less if purchased in quantity. However, you'll need to use them up within a year, as they'll be deleted after that time.

The fonts include designs from Monotype, Linotype, ITC, Ascender and Bitstream collections

You'll be able to choose from 8,000 fonts from the Monotype Libraries which include the Monotype, Linotype, ITC, Ascender and Bitstream collections. In addition, fonts are available from popular foundry partners including Mark Simonson Studio, TypeTogether, Typodermic, Emboss Fonts, Bean and Morris, Type Associates, Mint Type, Laura Worthington, the Chank Company and Yellow Design Studio.

You can currently sign up for a free account which will also include 10 free credits - that's enough to rent 10 fonts for a single day, or three fonts for 30 days.

This short promo video, launched when the service was still in beta, explains how the service works:

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