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The 11 most stupidest fonts of all time

05. Giddyup

The 11 most stupidest fonts of all time, ever!

There's a story behind this font known to all in the typeface industry: some time in the 1970s, a publishing mogul was caught in a legal dispute over his use of an unlicensed font in his magazines.

Pinned in between a lawsuit and a deadline, he used the pages of his daughter's diary, and Giddyup was born.

This story is a complete lie, but at least it's a little less absurd than the font.

04. Bleeding Cowboys

The 11 most stupidest fonts of all time, ever!

You know that kid in school who used to wear black all the time, and always frowned, and spread rumours that he'd killed a man with a knife, and he'd often look into the distance and slowly exhale, so you'd think he was profound and tortured? This is that, but in font.

The kid is now a well-adjusted father of three, and manager of a paper stockist. Bleeding Cowboys font remains pretentious.

03. Copperplate Gothic

The 11 most stupidest fonts of all time, ever!

This little devil was created in 1901, which, for some, accords it the weight of history. But that was also the same year the first woman sent herself over the Niagara Falls in a barrel, so, you know, history can be stupid.

In fact, 'Gothic' is another term for 'sans-serif', and no doubt 'Copperplate' is another term for 'oooh, look at me, I'm like, so serious!'

02. Comic Sans

The 11 most stupidest fonts of all time, ever!

There's been a swell of professional, actually-employed designers that have stuck their necks out and said, 'No! Comic Sans is not the stupidest font. It has it's place, and serves a purpose.'

But they're wrong. It's a stinker. It's synonymous with people that aren’t creative trying to be creative, and that is in fact the definition of stupid.

Its history is equally dull. The font was introduced in 1995 by the US government to coincide with the release of Jennifer Love Hewitt's debut album Lets Go Bang in an attempt to make everyone smile. It merely created generations of quivering dum-dums.

01. Curlz

The 11 most stupidest fonts of all time, ever!

Sure, Curlz is sub-mental, but it's important in one respect – it's more annoying than Comic Sans. At least Comic Sans is Comic Sans, and not Comic Sanz... This font thinks its French!

And like a stopped clock, Curlz is totally, utterly pointless. Unless you're making a whimsical poster for a baking party… you're not making a baking party poster, are you?!

Words: Beren Neale

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