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Watch this! 'Olympic Vermin' animation

The Olympic torch relay is now in its 69th day and will be coming to an end tomorrow as the London 2012 Olympic Games officially begin. It's travelled up and down the country and has been carried by heroes, athletes old and new, and a variety of celebrities.

'Olympic Vermin' was created by Amael Isnard - who has worked with the likes of Fanta, O2 and Bacardi - and Beakus animator Leo Bridle to give an alternative spin on the Olympic torch relay taking place in London this week. It features a series of creatures including rats, squirrels and pigeons carrying their very own Olympic torches made from matches, twigs and cigarettes. The brilliant sound design was handled by Aaron Lampert, with the entire short coming together at animation production studio Beakus.

The animation is uniquely charming and showcases a sense of England using a completely different prospective. Interesting, funny and flawless, 'Olympic Vermin' is a brilliant start to the 2012 games.

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