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JQuery scrolling websites: how to smash the rules of conventional web design

Jan Ploch's vertical scrolling portfolio site (above) is a great example of taking Krug's core tenets and throwing them right out of the window.

The screenshot doesn't do it justice. Take a look for yourself. We'll wait for your reaction.

With a significant nod to the jQuery Scrolling Parallax plug-in by Jon Raasch, the liquid in the bottle is drained as you scroll further down the page on the website.

It's a great advert for Ploch's services as a web designer.

Amazing scrolling websites

Usability experts will often point out that your 'typical web user' doesn't want to be challenged by a website; they don't want to have to work out what to do or how to use it.

But it's easy to argue that sometimes, just sometimes, people browsing the web would like to be delighted and amazed by what they find.

New technologies should encourage new ways of thinking and it's often not difficult to achieve an eye-catching effect with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Further reading

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And check out John Polacek's Scrollarama plugin for "doing cool scrolly stuff"...

Have you created a cool scrolling website? Share it with is by leaving a link in the comments below. We'd love to take a look.