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10 best new web design tools in October

06. Blur Like Jony

Get that iOS blur just right with this filter

Get that iOS blur just right with this filter

This Photoshop plug-in recreates the blur effect seen in the current version of iOS. Comes with three modes: dark, light and extra light.

07. Folio

Make version control a breeze with this Git-based system

Make version control a breeze with this Git-based system

Khoi Vinh's recent design tools survey revealed that a huge number of designers don't have an elegant way to do version control. Folio hopefully goes some way towards solving that. It's a simple, Git-based version control system for OS X that makes it easy to keep track of things via a sleek browser.

How do you do version control? Let us know in the comments.

08. FLIF

Will we all be using FLIFs next year?

Will we all be using FLIFs next year?

FLIF, or Free Lossless Image Format, is quite exciting for a number of reasons. Firstly, according to the FLIF website, it produces smaller files than other formats. FLIFs are 35 per cent than typical PNGs, and 37 per cent smaller than files made with lossless JPEG 2000 compression.

Another major boon is that it works with any image type; end users don't need to know that PNGs are better for images with a lot of lines, and JPEGs better for photographs. FLIF works just as well no matter what the content of the image, so we're told.

It's also good for responsive design because multiple variations of an image can be loaded from the same source file. In addition to all this, FLIF is free; there are no patents and it's released under the GNU General Public License.

09. End the Echo

A different source of inspiration

A different source of inspiration

Plenty of people are getting a bit bored with the sameyness of many websites at the moment, and this site is seeking to do something about it. The idea is this: if we're all looking at the same sites for inspiration, no one's going to create anything new.

End the Echo dishes up a variety of images that hopefully will be inspirational to people trying to think up ideas for websites, such as buttons and interfaces that aren't screens, images with interesting colour and composition, cars, wind turbines and more. Each has a description explaining how the curator relates the image to a principle of web design, which hopefully will trigger an interesting train of thought.

10. Cursorio

An easy way to get a cursor for your mockup

An easy way to get a cursor for your mockup

Some of us keep transparent PNGs of cursors; others do a Google search each time one is needed. Bookmark Cursorio and such inconveniences are a thing of the past – it provides four different cursors that you can drag and drop into your Photoshop layout.

Words: Tanya Combrinck

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