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3 of the best SVG animation tutorials

Forget about those rusty old Flash skills; animation is swiftly becoming a key element in the frontend developer's toolkit, and if you don't want to be left behind then you're going to need to get to grips with SVG.

Sarah Drasner will be at Generate San Francisco on 15 July, where she'll be demonstrating how to create intricate SVG animations, from the basics of vector manipulation through to advanced tricks such as using morphing path data to imitate candle smoke, and combining techniques to create otherworldly effects.

Generate San Francisco

Don't miss Sarah's Generate San Francisco session on creating intricate SVG animations

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If you can't wait for Sarah's session – or if you can't make it but you'd like some useful SVG pointers – here she is with her three favourite articles for learning the basics of SVG and quickly ramping up your skills.

01. Compendium of SVG Information

Compendium of SVG Information

Chris Coyier's compendium teaches you everything you need to know about SVG

"If you'd like to take the leap from beginner to master, everything you might want to know – and then some – is covered in this excellent 'Compendium of SVG Information' by Chris Coyier."

02. Using SVG

Using SVG

If you want to get up and running quickly with SVG, Using SVG is your new jam

"That said, my personal favourite article for getting up-and-running with SVG is 'Using SVG', also by Chris Coyier."

03. Understanding SVG Coordinate Systems and Transformations

Understanding SVG Coordinate Systems and Transformations

Sara Soueidan's three-parter provides a thorough grounding in SVG principles

"A must-read is Sara Soueidan's 'Understanding SVG Coordinate Systems and Transformations'. This three-part series explains viewbox, and other parts of the SVG coordinate system and SVG transforms. These lay the foundation for so many other whys and hows of working with SVG, so that you know exactly what you're manipulating."

Learn how to create intricate SVG animations with Sarah Drasner at Generate San Francisco on 15 July. Val Head discusses motion in design systems at Generate Sydney on 5 September.

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