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6 must-have material design tools

The colour picker wheel at Get MDL lets users customise themes

The colour picker wheel at Get MDL lets users customise themes

The creator of Material Design Lite, Mustafa Kurtuldu, is an expert when it comes to material design principles and web design inspiration. So who better to highlight the material design tools every web designer needs than the man himself?

01. Get MDL

The core website you need to read documentation and see templated examples of Materal Design Lite.

02. Custom CSS Theme Builder

This colour wheel enables you to choose primary and accent colours, and then link to a CDN or download a custom CSS based on your selection.

03. Github Repo

The core repo, which includes instructions on how to build the library, modify the style files with Sass and run it using node.

04. Expressing Brand In Material

This article by Viktor Persson and Rachel Been discusses how Material Design can be adapted for your work, with examples of different brands and design styles.

05. Starbucks Android Material Design

Chase Bratton's case study on Starbucks' first step in the interpretation of Google's Material Design.

06. Material Design Awards

A collection on the Google Play store that encourages and recognises excellence in applying Material Design in the creation of engaging user experiences.

Words: Mustafa Kurtuldu

Mustafa Kurtuldu is a design advocate at Google, specialising in UX design, HTML and CSS. This article originally appeared in net magazine issue 277.

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