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New York art museum's ingenious new website

82nd & Fifth is an offshoot of the The Metropolitan Museum of Art website and it is a beautiful thing.

Designed and built by agency CHIPS it was set up to showcase 100 works of art over the course of a year. Backing up this ambitious project is Drupal.

"The main focus of the site is weekly 'episodes'," CHIPS co-founder Dan Shields explains. "These play as video but are actually timed audio slideshows. We had editors entering timecodes into fields in Drupal, choosing transitions, and uploading images themselves.

How they built it

"Drupal was a really good candidate for us," continues Shields, "because we were able to group together a set of fields (using the Field Collections module), and repeat it an unlimited number of times, depending on the number of images in each episode.

"For the rest of the site, Drupal is easy to set up in an intuitive way for editors, so there wasn’t much of a learning curve for the team members who were entering content.”

“We love Drupal because it can take on so many forms. When we work on a project like 82nd & Fifth, which takes a few months to take shape, it’s great to know that the CMS can adapt with us."

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