New scrolling site presents the web's finest CSS puns beautifully

What do you call eight Hobbits? A Hobbyte! Why do Java developers wear glasses? Because they can't C#!

The grey worlds of technology and development haven't traditionally proved fertile ground for jokes. Nobody knows why but, theories do exist.

That's all changed today. Today Saijo George – organiser of the Melbourne SEO Meetup - has released CSS-Puns. It's a collection of the finest CSS related rib-ticklers around.

Humour and looks

On a serious and design-minded note, CSS-Puns is a modest yet beautiful, horizontal scrolling site. The typography is clear, and the colour pallet is muted. There are some cute animated transitions too.

Bambi and CSS collide with hilarious consequences.

Chemistry and CSS - together they're funnier than the Chuckle Brothers.

One final thing - What makes the text hyper? Too much Java.

Words: Martin Cooper

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