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20 Christmas gift ideas for web designers

If you're stuck for ideas, or simply fancy treating yourself to a gift this holiday, check out our 20 favourite Christmas gift ideas for web designers and developers.

01. Lifta Desk Organiser

Gifts for web designers 4

These beautifully crafted monitor stands are available in Ash, Oak and Birch Ply, and provide an aperture underneath the monitor/computer to store your mouse and keyboard. Perfect for the web designer who knows quality.

02. Floppy disk coasters

  • Price: £16.36
  • Available from: Etsy

Remmber the days of the floppy disk? These once nifty little devices are now a thing of the distant past, but that's not to say they don't have other uses, such as these cool drinks coasters. A brilliant gift idea for any old school web designers.

03. UI Stencils

Gifts for web designers 2

This is a great little work-aid provides a series of apertures cut into a stainless steel rule, each defining a different UI element. The basic kit comes with a mechanical pencil and is designed to work with either a specific sketch pad, or a download-and-print A4/Letter template. You can also get nicer writing implements if you're prepared to spend a little more.

04. Typodarium 2015

  • Price: £13.33
  • Available from: Amazon

Typodarium is a daily calendar that provides a showcase of 365 different fonts. Perfect for the typography lover, the 2014 edition had a beautiful, rich blue finish, while the 2015 version features neon orange and pink and some wonderful fonts!

05. Cascading Style Sheets Tee

Gifts for web designers 5

Part of a range of geeky web designer t-shirts, this particular option from The Unrefinery calls out CSS. Also available are HTML, WWW and battery-charging designs. There are some nice web-inspired pin badges and earrings available in the same store, so it's well worth a browse around.

06. Pixel Mouse

Gifts for web designers 6

  • Price: £14.85
  • Available from: Amazon

For the web designer who has absolutely everything, this quirky pixel mouse replicated the 'pointer' cursor type most commonly seen when you hover over a link on a web page. More suited as a secret santa gift than anything else, it’s a fun-if-twee option.

07. Cosmonaut Wide-Grip Stylus

Gifts for web designers 7

  • Price: £22.99
  • Available from: Amazon

This beautifully packaged tablet-friendly stylus looks and feels a lot like a chunky marker. It's perfect for the web designer who likes to draft out designs on their tablet, offering a comfortable grip and an excellent tip that’s responsive and durable.

08. Cooking for Geeks

Gifts for web designers 8

  • Price: £15.30
  • Available from: Amazon

This fantastic book, written by Jeff Potter, offers some of the science behind cooking and answers burning questions such as how quickly will a pizza cook in a 500 degree oven? It’s orientated towards anyone with a technical approach to life, so is more likely to suit a developer than a designer, but we’ve read it ourselves and can thoroughly recommend it for everyone.

09. Foldable

Gifts for web designers 9 offers a service whereby you can design a paper-craft person, and the net will be shipped out to you on pre-scored card stock. The online design tool makes it easy to customise the design to match the recipient, or you can buy a gift certificate and let them design their own.

10. EcoDIY Elephant Speaker

Gifts for web designers 10

  • Price: $22.50
  • Available from: Area+

This charming cardboard elephant incorporates a speaker in the ear, with a 3.5mm headphone jack allowing you to connect it up to your phone, tablet or laptop. Made from recycled materials, this is part of a wider collection of eco animals each offering a different purpose including a desk lamp and a pen holder.

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