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Clever HTML5 site makes some noise

The Lowdi is a small, loud, and stylish speaker that connects to your phone, tablet or other device via Bluetooth. It has a stylish website to go with it, built by Momkai, a digital creative agency based in Amsterdam. Momkai used to specialise in Flash websites but has made the natural move to HTML5 only. Mark Hinch, senior developer at Momkai, explains that this is "so that the site would be as accessible as possible by as many people as possible on as many devices as possible".

The Lowdi site itself is simple enough: a one-pager with smooth scrolling, which Hinch describes as "a fairly straightforward user experience". Throughout the site, no HTML5-specific features were used for the end user’s specific benefit.

That said, the use of HTML5 semantic tags in the site - which Finch finds "hugely beneficial from a structural point of view (both for code management and standardisation)" - gives it more potential for being future-accessible for end users.

The new HTML5 data-* attributes were also used "to simplify our JavaScript layer’s access to inline variables, allowing our server-side logic to render out HTML pages that contain data that is more easily accessible by the JavaScript layer", says Hinch.

Words: Ian Devlin

This article originally appeared in net magazine issue 246.

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