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WordPress site helps design agency break the mould

Marketing agency Design the Planet is a group of self-described 'planetary engineers'. Based in New Orleans, they claim to be able to break your brand free from 'generic mediocrity'.

Looking at the DtP portfolio site, they're definitely the folks to do just that. To make it, Design the Planet chose WordPress, the world's most popular content management system (CMS).

"WordPress is our go-to CMS," vice president and COO Perryn Olson explains. "We find it easier to work with and much easier for our clients to quickly pick up on without having a steep learning curve like Joomla or Drupal."

Olson is a big fan of established CMSes, it turns out. "We’ve seen a backlash against proprietary CMSes from prospective clients, because of poor experiences with previous companies," she says. "Some companies feel trapped if they use a proprietary CMS - because they can never leave and their website becomes a hostage - while WordPress is universal and fairly portable from one company to another."

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