Dots meet dance beats in Nike's HTML5 experiment

Is this the coolest HTML5 experiment yet? Certainly the interactive audiovisual experiment to promote the Nike+ Fuelband (see our review here) is enormous fun and strangely addictive.

The site, which you're best off viewing on a desktop computer in a modern browser like Chrome, is a audiovisual feast of colourful abstract dots, which spring to life when you start moving your mouse around.

Start clicking and these little dots start dancing!

You essentially create your own animated dance track in the process - so headphones are essential! Plus we'd recommend the Full Screen option for maximum immersion.

The site was created by Los Angeles studio Fair, with Dinah Moe, David Mikula, Alaa Mendili, and David Knapeg working on the project, with music by Nosaj Thing.

Music is an essential part of the experience, so make sure you're wearing headphones

If you can't make the demo work on your device, check out the video of the site in action below:

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