Get 500 web design books - they're totally free and available now

Whatever the technology you need to brush up on, there's something for you

It's time to start drooling. Whether you're a coding newbie or a veteran wanting to learn a new programming language, there are now more than 500 free books available (legitimately!) in online form to help you brush your skills in one place.

Access the list here!

That's because Swiss developer Victor Felder has taken a long-running list created by the community of web design and development forum Stack Overflow, tidied it up, added some extra resources and put in all on Github in this amazing resource.

There are books for everyone from beginners to experts

Over 80 programming languages are catered for, and the list covers everything from the usual suspects like JavaScript and C++ to niche topics like Elasticsearch, Hadoop and OCaml.

There are books in other languages than English too, and the list as a whole is only likely to grow as the community adds to it.

You'll be staggered by quite how much is available for free

Honestly, you won't believe how much cool stuff there is. We'd strongly advise you set aside some time to browse through this incredible archive, and start building up your code skills. And if there's a particular book you find especially useful we'd love to hear about it!

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