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Free book on interactive wireframing

Download this free book today

Download this free book today

Rapid UX prototyping is revolutionizing the entire design process, and designers are changing the way they used to do things.

The industry is realizing that, when it comes to experimenting with interactions, the sooner the better. That’s why we’re seeing more interactive wireframes lately — workable basic structures of sites with interactivity but not much visual detail. What these equate to are essentially lo-fi prototypes, the most basic outline of how the final site will look and feel.

The wireframing and prototyping app UXPin brings the latest addition to their free ebook library. The Guide to Interactive Wireframing is a thorough guide that explains how to design better with the speed of wireframing and power of prototyping.

The book is written by Tom Green, professor of interactive media at Humber Institute of Technology, and Marek Bowers, a UX designer with more than a decade of experience.

The 79-page ebook helps explain:

  • The more efficient design process using interactive instead of static wireframes
  • A faster way to wireframe responsive designs
  • How to build interactive wireframes as rapid UX prototypes
  • How to create animated wireframes for more complex designs
  • Extensive tutorials with screenshots to explain the entire process

Download this free ebook here.

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