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Movie ipsum works magic on web design scripts

picksum ipsum

Which Hollywood hardman will you pick for your website?

Even the most enthusiastic web designers admit that things can often become a little tiresome. Difficult clients and niggling problems can make the best of us want to throw our computers out the window - so this brilliantly fun text generator offers up a little light relief from the woes of web design.

Pipsum Ipsum gives you the best lines from some of the hardest Hollywood legends - Eastwood, Caine, Carrey and Freeman - and mixes them up ready to work their magic on your new website. Simply pick your main man, choose your preferred number of paragraphs and then in one click they'll give you the script to create your web page.

If you’re a film fan as well as a web genius, Pipsum Ipsum could well become one of your favourite web design tools. It's certainly been fun to see the outcomes!

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