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Why it's never too late to become a web developer

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It's never too late to learn coding, this survey reveals

Want to put your creative and design skills to use on the web, but worried that you've left it too late to code? Well worry not, because according to a recent survey, you're very much not alone.

In fact, the survey by Provoke Insights, commissioned by SkilledUp, found that more half (56 per cent) of web developers started their careers in another field.

Moving into web development isn't an all-or-nothing deal either. 76 per cent of these agreed you can work another job while working as a developer, and 72 per cent said a college degree in Computer Science is not necessary to go into web programming. Of those responded, two thirds of web developers had completed online training (64 per cent).

You can check out other findings of the survey here. Meanwhile, if you're inspired to learn coding skills, check out our list of top online coding courses.

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