3D football site puts you at the heart of the action

Select the moves and score the goals

Ever wanted to be a football ace? Here’s your chance to play alongside Argentine demigod Leo Messi.

Join him courtesy of this innovative site, which uses 3D projection mapping to create a compelling environment that puts you at the heart of the action.

Using Facebook data, the site visitor is given full control to select the moves and score the goals.

Fantastic detail

The video material on Join Team Messi is extraordinary. Filmed with a Phantom camera at 1000 frames per second, it captures the action on the pitch in fantastic detail and expertly integrates with the 3D environment.

The level of detail is extraordinary

“We’re extremely proud of the experience that we have produced,” enthuses Tom Ramsden, Adidas global brand marketing director. “I think we have done something very special for the fans of Leo Messi.Via Team Messi we bring fans closer to their heroes than ever before - the app makes it possible using new, innovative technology.”

That recipe equals really good fun in this site, which is well worth a meander over to.

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