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Online tool lets you redesign iOS 7

So, you don't like the iOS 7 redesign? Well, now you can change what you don't like with this new website - aptly named Redesign iOS 7 - from the team at usvsth3m, which lets you make your own version of Apple's new operating system.

Dont like the icons? Change them. Not sure of the background colour? Choose a different one. You can also play around with fonts, colour scheme, icons corners, and shadow sizes to your heart's desire.

Before you get to excited, note that this tongue-in-cheek site is purely for fun, and the designs can't actually be ported to your iPhone. But we had great fun playing about with the many humorous options available: changing the icons to puppies with an Olivia Newton-John background was a particular favourite redesign of ours.

You can start redesigning iOS 7 here. So, why not give it a go? As the guys at usvsth3m quite rightly state on the website: 'Every bloody designer on the planet has had a go, so you might as well try too'. Tweet your designs to us via @CreativeBloq - bet you can't top this...

Tweet your iOS 7 redesigns to us at @CreativeBloq

Tweet your iOS 7 redesigns to us at @CreativeBloq

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What do you think of Redesign iOS 7? Let us know in the comments and share your designs with us @CreativeBloq.