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How got a totally responsive redesign, a US apartment rental website, used to use separate CSS files for desktop and mobile users, and native apps for iOS, BlackBerry and Android.

The company redesigned after hearing Scott Jehl of Filament Group speaking about RWD – it put a universal solution in place, resulting in a wonderfully easy-to-use responsive experience.

"From a design perspective, we focused on bringing photography and content to the centre, with large thumbnails on results pages and immersive galleries on detail pages," says Filament Group's Todd Parker.

The design is clean, crisp, and makes great use of white space: an appropriate design decision that helps users focus on the content - the important part of house-hunting.

You'll find nice uses of CSS gradients, opacity adjustments and animations, and the Proxima Nova typeface embedded. "To keep it uncluttered we used a lot of information layering, to have the experience unfold as you explore the site," Parker adds.

Words: Jenn Lukas

This article originally appeared in .net magazine issue 245

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