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Super-clean site brings photographer's work to life

Anaïs Zamboni is a French photographer and retoucher based in London, with an absolutely beautiful website that shows off her stunning photography portfolio.

The design is super-clean, which draws your eye to her work without any distractions. The only fixed-position aspect is the photographer's signature, which sits at the top of the page.

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Zamboni's work is visualised in a cascading grid which loads sequentially down the page. On every load, the user will find that both the content and grid change, creating a new experience of the portfolio on every scroll or refresh.

Created by interface and interactive designer Anne Thaï, along with developer William Mapan, the site's focus is on Zamboni's portfolio.

Paired with the structured, spacious design, this creates a captivating narrative that makes completely individual pieces of work feel as though they're telling one complete story.

Attention to detail

Subtle transition animations throughout the site further enhance its quality and reflect the attention to detail given to creating it.

The images load in a familiar, lightbox-style modal window, and the body colour changes to subtly compliment each image. On the right-hand side, the navigational bar tracks mimic the modular layout of the whole site, contextualising the user's position.

I love this site as it's brave enough to focus purely on Zamboni's work, without feeling the need to distract the user with other features.

Words: Chris Allwood

Chris is a digital designer and co-organiser of grassroots event Second Wednesday. He works at Studio Output in Nottingham, UK.

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